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Xtranormal – another digital storytelling tool

I found out about this one from Dr. Gwen Tarbox, who used it to make some videos for the ENGL 2000 course offered at Western Michigan University. Unfortunately, you can only use the most basic settings for free—the others cost what they call Xtranormal Points, but once you’ve purchased an asset you can use it …read more…

Google Search Stories

I just found out about another interesting digital story-telling tool: Google Search Stories. This tool allows you to make 30-second movies, like the one Google used during the 2010 Super Bowl. Now, you can’t do all the neat things that they did in the commercial, but you can still come up with some creative stuff. …read more…

There’s (already) an app for that

In fact, when it comes to keeping track of the Greek and Roman gods, there’s already an app for that.

It’s called a book.

Digital Storytelling ad nauseum

Don’t get me wrong: I love digital storytelling and think it’s a powerful tool to empower developing writers (especially those who are struggling with English). My problem is that when someone puts “English” and “technology” in the same sentence, they inevitably come up with “digital storytelling.”