I found out about this one from Dr. Gwen Tarbox, who used it to make some videos for the ENGL 2000 course offered at Western Michigan University.

Unfortunately, you can only use the most basic settings for free—the others cost what they call Xtranormal Points, but once you’ve purchased an asset you can use it in as many movies as you like. You can visit their site to find out more.

For what it’s worth, I did another quick (about ten minutes) iteration of the “Is Piglet a Girl?” question. Here are the results:

One neat thing about Xtranormal that you can’t do with YouTube is download your movies in HQ format. That’s pretty neat.

FYI: I feel obligated to point out that some of the arguments made here were actually made by my students. However, I think they were referring to the cartoon version of Winnie-the-Pooh (whether the classic one I grew up with or the new TV series, I don’t know), rather than the book. I’m pretty sure that Piglet is a guy in the original books—I’ll have to check. But thinking about the cartoon, I can see why this might be a question for kids.

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