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Currently Reading (2016.06.04)

Kindred by Octavia Butler.

This book is beautiful and powerful almost beyond my ability to describe it. Definitely one of those “where has this been all my life?” books.

Published on 4 June 2016 at 09:06

Rules of Thumb

Share this…             I don’t like to believe in writer’s block (boy is that a wishy-washy statement), but if you do suffer it, this may be just the book for you. Subtitled “73 Authors Reveal Their Fiction Writing Fixations” this is not the kind of book that you read from cover to cover. It’s the kind of …read more…

Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing

Share this…             At first glance, I thought that this book would be great for anyone who is currently writing fiction, or even creative nonfiction, without any problem. These are the writers who have ideas, and they can get them on paper, although the writing that results is humdrum and lackluster, just lying on the page without …read more…

Latino Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests edited by Sara E. Martínez

Share this…             I find books like this one a bit maddening, first because they are expensive (all books for librarians are expensive), and second, because they are out of date almost as soon as they are in print. As an introduction to Latino literature for someone who is unfamiliar with it, it can be a good …read more…